The Broken Planetarium Board

Artistic Director - Laura Dunn
Laura Christina Dunn is the 2015 recipient of The Oregon Literary Fellowship from Literary Arts. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Fugue, At Length, The Bear Deluxe, and Zocalo Public Square, among others. In March 2015, her chapbook Spider Blue was published by Dancing Girl Press. She has released three full length folk albums with her band The Ghosts of Xmas Past. While living in New York City, she composed music and performed for the theater companies RadyBloom and Art Party, including 2011’s Live! Mermaids! Live! and 2012’s The Orange Person. The Broken Planetarium produced her show The Snow Queen: A Folk Opera for Fertile Ground 2015. Listen at Laura Dunn's Bandcamp page

Treasurer - Leina Naversen
Leina is a licensed architect at Bora Architecture & Interiors, with a passion for sustainable design and creation of environments to inspire students and faculty in education settings. She is an experienced singer actively involved with Resonate Choral Arts women’s choir in Portland, and also enjoys plunking around on ukulele and piano. Leina performed as Pyramus’ sister Klara in the winter 2020 musical production of Tear Down This Wall, returning to the theater after years since childhood. Inspired by the mission of Broken Planetarium to provide opportunities for new actors to collaborate with professional artists, Leina joined the board in fall of 2020. She is currently serving as Board Treasurer, hoping to help grow the company and increase opportunities for the community to engage with the arts, whether as audience, performers, or crew. She lives in a Portland mid-century modern Rummer home with two cats, Ziggy and Major Tom.