The Broken Planetarium Board

Board Chair - Lani Jo Leigh

Artistic Director - Laura Dunn
Laura Christina Dunn (she/her) is the 2015 recipient of The Oregon Literary Fellowship from Literary Arts. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Fugue, At Length, The Bear Deluxe, and Zocalo Public Square, among others. In March 2015, her chapbook Spider Blue was published by Dancing Girl Press. She has released three full length folk albums with her band The Ghosts of Xmas Past. While living in New York City, she composed music and performed for the theater companies RadyBloom and Art Party. The Broken Planetarium has produced seven of her musicals including Frankenstein: A Cabaret and Sirens of Coos Bay.

Board Treasurer - Jonathan McShane

Board Secretary - Jessica Sweet

Jessica Sweet (she/her) is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist and co-owner of The Ren Clinic in NE Portland. She sees the body as our greatest artwork, constantly changing, growing and adapting, and she is excited to bring this perspective to a stage where art is medicine for ourselves and for each other. She holds curiosity around who and what we place trust in to name art and artists- who defines it, whose stories are told, and how do we center inclusion and access to the arts? This lead her to being a part of Broken Planetarium. Jessica moved to Portland from Cincinnati, Ohio in 2007, and her biggest role is Mama to two little artists, ages 1 and 4, who inspire her to create and play, endlessly.