April Prompt: Agua Vida

The next Broken Planetarium is Sunday, April 24th. The theme is Agua Vida. Create something around a moment where you felt most alive, and narrate that moment as if it took place under water. What would it look like? How would it be different? Create a dance around your skydiving experience as if you sky dove through the marianas trench. Compose music that relives your Berlin cabaret days, but the other performers are mermen and sirens, and the MC is Sebastian the crab (pasties are clam shells, naturally). Write a poem about your first reading Emily Dickinson as if the pages had come undone and floated around you in salty brine. Make a short film about falling in love where the dialogue is muffled by bubbles and the two figures of the lovers undulate in waves. Bring it to share! 5:00 pm potluck, 6:00 pm start! Message me for address! Remember whatever you bring, don't bring anything with nuts (the food, not the crazy-- we like the crazy!)


the waterless stars (we too hot!)