April Prompt: Origin Story

The next Broken Planetarium will be Saturday, April 25th at 7:00 (potluck) and 8:00 (start). The theme is Origin Story. For millennia, religion had the monopoly on where we came from: from a rib, a misogynistic swan, a scoop of clay, a bossy finger, or a crazy dance. Then Darwin came along and turned us into mutants, X-Men style. In the same vein, families have had stories about their origins--"We're Indonesian via Canada." "Your grandpa killed a man over a game of PacMan." "Your father and I conceived you in a helicopter over Mount St. Helens as it began to erupt." Take back your origin story, and rewrite it in your own words, embellishing it like a compulsive liar in quicksand. Rewrite the story of your birth with Tina Turner dancing you into life. Make a Choose Your Own Adventure of your ancestors on the Mayflower. Instead of a family tree, draw a family spider web. Knit yourself an adult-size neon-pink womb. Tag a wall with your great-great-great-great grandmother's portrait with her pet ferret. Whatever you do, remake your own origins and bring them to share.