Atlantis: A Folk Opera

Atlantis: A Folk Opera


The Broken Planetarium presents a new imaginative folk opera based on the myth of Atlantis. After Manhattan is completely under water, New Yorkers grow gills and continue on as usual. At the top of one skyscraper surrounded by ocean, a group of east village folk singers meet every week to share songs they've just written and opinions, many opinions about the state of the world. From this group, an unlikely friendship between an aging male folk singer who lives above the water line and a young female submerged-songwriter is forged. When he begins to forget words, and then melodies, and finally even the way home, she stubbornly fights to keep things as they were. This imaginative folk opera takes a moving yet playful look at how we humans sing, argue, create, equivocate, and just continue on through times of profound loss.

By Laura Christina Dunn

Songs composed by Laura Christina Dunn, Brigit Kelly Young, Kendy Gable, Monica Metzler (Forest Veil), Frank Mazzetti and Maggie Mascal

Directed by Eva Andrews

Choreographed by Rebekah Stiles

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Christa McIntyre of Willamette Week uses "witty," "stunning," and "real" to describe Atlantis

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Atlantis Cast Perform a Song with the Band in Gold Shorts. Photo credit Alley Pezanoski Browne

Serena and Jack Share a Moment. Photo credit Alley Pezanoski Browne

Natasha Kotey sings onstage as Serena. Photo credit Alley Pezanoski Browne

Dancers in full underwater makeup look up. Photo credit Jenn Steigerwald

Past Dates

The Clinton Street Theater

2522 SE Clinton Street
Portland, Oregon

Non-Festival Dates:

  • Wed, Jan 18th @ 8:00pm

Festival Dates:

  • Thu, Jan 19th @ 8:00pm
  • Fri, Jan 20 @ 10:00pm
  • Sat, Jan 21 @ 1:30pm
  • Sun, Jan 22nd @ 8:00pm