Collaborate/Complicate: October 2014

Collaborate! Complicate!
Work with a partner in a different genre than your own, and create a piece that tells a famous story from another side. Write Birth on the Orient Express, paint Mona Lisa's derrière, animate a cartoon where the roadrunner finally gets shot and eaten for thanksgiving, or do a performance piece where the performer can't figure out the significance of what people in reality are doing. Put Venus de Milo in a snow-suit, remake the film Debbie Does Dallas into Debbie Does Democracy, or just have two roads converge in a wood. In the end, you and your collaborator will have either a cross-genre piece, or two more pieces of the same story (I see dead people, I see live people, I see Bruce Willis...). It's up to you! If you need a link to a partner, let me know! Use the words pie hole and viral.

Saturday, October 18th at 7:00 pm.