Love to Hate it: August 2014

The theme is "love to hate it." Create something inspired by a hatred that holds a special place in your heart. Like Juliet crushing on a capulet in a hawaiian shirt, make your one horny adolescent longing spring from your one hate. Paint Jack Johnson's handsome self in watercolor, do a performance art piece involving an onion and harsh gossip, or write an epic poem based on astrology, creationism, and reality tv soundbites. Compose a symphony of 80s saxophone solos, rewrite Thomas Hardy novels so the world does not end up shredded and demented with no reason to go on, or finally write that erotica based on your Bill O'Reilly fetish... He's so bossy! Use the phrase "alien multiverse, "jury," and "mistake."

6:00pm. Monday, August 11th.