February Broken Planetarium: The Art of Losing

The next Broken Planetarium is The Art of Losing. Like Bishop's poem (http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/176996), make something out of what you've lost, whether it is your keys, your chinchilla, your mind, or your religion. Tell us a story about losing and also how you fill the negative space of that loss. Paint a memory map of a childhood home that was demolished. Make a documentary that goes over every cell of a lost loved one's face. Write a short story about losing the museum you work for's ancient Greek artifact on the Metro North because you picked up the commuter next to you's sandwich instead. Choreograph an interpretation of your daily dance to find your car keys. Write a children's book about the magical land that you imagine Fluffpuff the cat actually ended up in (and became dictator of) when she ran out the screen door. Whatever you make, bring it to share or post on the blog (blog.brokenplantearium.org). I hope you can make it. This may be my last BP before I give birth...

Friday, February 12th @ 6:00 (potluck) 7:00 (start)
NEW LOCATION! Email contact@brokenplanetarium.org for address