Edgar Allan Poe is famous for a few strange things, including an obsession with writing about dead female characters. His speakers often go off mansplaining to their dead loves about how hard it is for them. This July Friday, July 28th, Lenore and co. rise again to share their story on their own terms. Make a film where Annabel Lee turns into an eloquent zombie that runs for president. Write a song where Lenore explains that "Nevermore," was the 19th century's "Boy, bye." Make a sculpture of Morella giving birth to herself with a speech bubble that says, "Say my name!" Make a Noh mask that in certain lights is Lady Rowena and in certain darks, is Ligeia. This prompt also can expand to giving voice to any dead character in literature that you felt was not given enough of their own voice. This gathering will be a precursor to the Broken Planetarium's first curated gathering this coming October, called Lenore Rises: An Edgar Allan Poe Macabaret! Hopefully you'll be joining us on stage or in the seats of Clinton Street Theater for this exciting showcase of Portland makers on October 20th and 21st.

Lenore Rises
Broken Planetarium Gathering
All welcome!
Friday, July 28th 6:30-9:00
Creston Park Picnic Area F
Portland, Oregon
Potluck items welcome but not required!
Bring your art whether it is finished and published, or a zygote in your brain.