March Prompt: Ety-mythology

The next Broken Planetarium is Sunday, March 20th. The theme is ety-mythology. Etymology is the history of the meaning of a word and its origins. For instance, we know the word "clue" as a fact or idea that helps us unravel a mystery or problem. But it comes from the ancient greek word "clew" for a ball of string. In Greek mythology, when Theseus was treading through the labyrinth to kill the minotaur, he used a "clew" unraveled behind him to find his way back out of the maze. This month is ety-mythology though, so you get to make up the history of the meaning of a word or make something that shows how a particular word has morphed and changed in your life. Write a short story about how the word "text" has gone from those alienating high school books you wrapped in newspaper to the allure of a glowing phone. Choreograph a dance to Mariah Carey's "honey" wearing a beekeeper outfit. Write a song that uses all of the Oxford English Dictionary's 396 definitions for "run." Or just make something and don't follow the prompt at all! Bring it to share at our new location. Message me for address ( All are welcome! Potluck at 5:00. Sharing starts at 6:00.


The planets, from Greek planētēs ‘wanderer, planet,’ from planan ‘ to wander.’