November prompt: Mortified

The next Broken Planetarium is Mortified. Inspired by the podcast, and that Frankenstein who looked in horror at what he made, we are looking to examine how we perceive our own art. Take something that you have created that now embarrasses you and bring it to share. You can bring it "as is" or turn it into a new piece of art.
Now is the time to dig in your middle school journals for the confessions about that homeroom crush with hair like a field of wheat, dig into the grade school stories that were so morbid you almost got kicked out of Montessori school... And yes, we want your deeply convoluted college paper that argued that poetry comes from looking at the moon, and more than anything, we want the song you wrote in sixth grade that included the slant rhyme "A pretty face/ everlasting sadness." And bring it to share, honest and proud of how you made art even when the going was tough, real tough. Sunday, November 22nd @ 5:00. Bring a thanksgiving inspired potluck item, and we'll have a mini friends-giving as well.

Some other events to look forward to from the planetarium:

Friday, November 6th: Frankenstein: A Cabaret Fundraiser @ My Voice Music. 9pm. 931 SE 6th ave. Dance Party, raffle, photo booth, fortune teller, booze walk, and more.

Auditions for Frankenstein: A Cabaret. Monday, November 2nd 4:00-6:00
Wednesday, November 4th 4:00-6:00 and 6:00-8:00
Tony Starlight's 1125 SE Madison