Unfinished Business: December 2014

The next Broken Planetarium (before a January hiatus for The Snow Queen production) will be Friday, December 19th. The theme is Unfinished Business. Bring in a painting of the rusty, bottom half of the new Tilikum Crossing bridge with the top a shadowed sky. Bring in a sestina with only three repeated words. Write a drinking song in the style of Phillip Glass, or make a delicious German Chocolate Cake and don't bake it... Or do the opposite, finish something you have been meaning to finish for a long time. Make a collage out of the pile of mail you've been meaning to go through but has been piling up since early 2013. Blow on that frost-covered dandelion skeleton that you've been letting sit on your lawn in whispy-longing since spring. Finish the love song to Eddie Vedder you started writing on the bottom of your high school bunk bed. Whatever you do, use the words arcade, ventilation, and coronet.
Friday, December 19th
7:00 pm potluck. 8:00 pm start.