Love to Hate it: August 2014

The theme is "love to hate it." Create something inspired by a hatred that holds a special place in your heart. Like Juliet crushing on a »

Excreta Exhibit: July 2014

The theme is The Excreta Exhibit. Put on display what you usually throw away.Like the janitor James Hampton building a throne room out of gum »

Hamartia-Party-a: June 2014

The theme this June is Hamartia Party-a. What is your tragic flaw? Describe it, talk to it, fight it, celebrate it, or draw it nude like »

Smemory: May 2014

Theme this month: Think of a smell that you evokes strong memories for you (the garbage of the seafood restaurant you lived above in Chicago, the »

Teach-In: April 2014

Dear Planetos, The theme is "teach in." Bring in a five minute presentation on an art or craft you know well and demonstrate how it is »

Journey: March 2014

"Where we're going, we won't need roads." Doc from Back to the Future eases Marty Mcfly's mind in this scene, reassuring him with this comment that »

Distraction: February 2014

The theme is distraction: This month make something out of what distracts you. Turn your texts into performance art, paint your daydreams, turn your to-do list »

Exo-Ekphrasis: January 2014

The prompt this January is Ekphrasis: Respond to a piece of art in a genre you do not work in. Make a painting of a Cure »

Wanderlust: December 2013

The theme is Wanderlust: write about a place you have never been as if it is your beloved. Use the words cataract, drift, and silly putty. »

Collision: November 2013

Prompt: Make two unrelated entities in your life collide: Imagine your birth certificate under a decaying woodpile, your mother-in-law clenching spark plugs, a bluebird singing in »